From July 16 to 24, 2023, the Chess Federation of Serbia is organizing an INTERNATIONAL SUMMER CHESS FESTIVAL called "SERBIA OPEN 2023"
This year, 11 tournaments in different categories will be played at the festival, with a prize pool of over €35,000! We believe that every interested chess player will find a suitable tournament and enjoy our Festival!

Od 16. do 24. jula 2023. godine, Šahovski savez Srbije organizuje Međunarodni letnji šahovski festival pod nazivom "Srbija open 2023".
Ove godine, u okviru festivala biće odigrano 11 različitih turnira za ukupnim nagradnim fondom preko 35.000 Evra. Verujemo da će svaki zainteresovani šahista naći odgovarajući turnir i da će uživati na našem Festivalu!

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International master from Greece Yevgenios Ioannidis is the winner of the second international chess tournament SERBIA OPEN 2022!  In the game of the last round, in a direct duel for the first place, he defeated the representative of Serbia, Grandmaster Aleksandar Inđić, and with 8 points won from 9 games, he achieved a result that even the world's leading grandmasters would envy.

The second place with half a point less was won by the Indian Grandmaster Aryan Chopra, and the third by the Israeli Grandmaster Evgeni Zanan. 

As many as five of our grandmasters found themselves on the between places 5-23 with 6.5 points: Aleksandar Inđić (11th), Velimir Ivić (13th), Luka Budisavljević (15th), Miloš Perunović (16th) and Ivan Ivanišević (21st). 

The most successful female chess player from Serbia was Teodora Injac with 5 points won and fulfilling the norm for a male international master. 

In the amateur group, Necmetin Korkmaz from Turkey won with 7.5 points, the same number as the second-placed Batulga Tenunbold from Mongolia.  Third with half a point less was the Russian chess player Kiril Shoshin. 

Three of our players had the same points as the third-placed Shoshin, but due to worse additional criteria, they were left without a medal.  Ilija Stanojević was seventh, Anđelko Dragojlović eighth, and Miloje Brajić ninth. 

400 players from 42 countries of the world took part in the 2022 Serbian Open. 



Photo galleries from the last round and from the announcement of the winner:

Closing Ceremony